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Want to know of a sure-fire way to end your career rise? Become a non-producer. In the business world the only thing that truly matters are results. Too often people become involved in non-income producing activities (IPA’s). Whether its’ logging onto Facebook for what you anticipate would be a hot second and the next thing you know its been a hour with absolutely nothing accomplished.


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What is your passion? It’s amazing how many people you may ask this question and they have absolutely no idea. If a person has to think about it they truly haven’t thought enough about the question and don’t know. Too many people float through life as if it were boring; drudgery or a nuisance – often complaining, yet never determining what would fulfill them. If you are not excited, interested, and enjoying what you do then you will never be happy. The true key to success in any situation is discovering your inner passion and then finding a way to work in that arena.





Goal Setting - BHAG


Have you ever heard the term BHAG? Big Hairy Audacious Goals? What are your goals? What do you want to accomplish? Are you setting your goals too low? Not putting the necessary work in to accomplish them? The problem with those who set their goals too low is that they actually reach them. That’s ok on occasion so long as you set new goals. Others set their goals too high and lack putting in the necessary sweat equity to accomplish them. With many individuals the problem resides in their belief level. If you feel that you will never accomplish certain tasks or that you will never achieve that which you desire in life. Then the problem resides within your mind. Most people have to worry about the naysayers who warn you that you can’t do it. You must never listen to the negative thoughts in your mind or the naysayers who warn you that you can’t do it. Assume that anything is possible, and then go out and do it. Take risks, try new things, initiate and learn and grow from your mistakes. Act and you shall achieve. Then reevaluate and draw up even loftier goals that’s how you’ll do more than you ever thought possible.



Most people believe that a phenomenal salary equates to happiness. However the reality is that money doesn’t mean much at all if you are not happy. Pursuing one’s passion is the true key to happiness and when you figure out how to monetize that passion you love what you do and it will no longer appear like work. I have found my passion in helping children, which has led me to start a non-profit called The Xochitl Project, which seeks to foster cultural and linguistic diversity through service by engaging minorities in community service projects abroad.




Bad Attitude - Career Killer


Attitude is everything. Having a bad attitude is an absolute killer. It kills even the most talented of individuals. I’ve served numerous years in the Armed Services and have met many individuals who had potential to be outstanding leaders but their attitude was SHITTY. It is that SHITTY attitude that causes individuals to sabotage others to get ahead. That approach and attitude is more of career killer than a maker. When you get enmeshed in the negativity you forget about your goals, mission and purpose. So one must truly understand that there is nothing in life that will move you ahead faster than the enthusiasm of a great can-do attitude.


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