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Move the Gauge from Good to Great!



To Hear The Speech That Won Me 1st Place at the

Georgia District 44 Humorous Speech Competition


I was at a seminar years ago, and the speaker was Toastmaster Champion Craig Valentine. During his presentation on achievement and happiness, he asked the audience to consider this compelling question:


“Is your good enough getting in the way of your great?”


WOW! It was like he punched me in the stomach! I was so impacted by that question that right there in the ballroom I began to silently cry.


I wanted to stand up and scream, “YES! I AM letting my good enough get in the way of my great!”


That night in my hotel room … with that question highlighted at the top of a piece of paper … I identified the many areas in my life where I was not doing my best … where I was settling. And it was pervasive.


How did I let this happen?


And what was so interesting was that on the surface, my life looked ideal … both personally and professionally. And yet, that evening I realized that in some very major areas of my life, I had become complacent. I was settling.


I wondered … how did I create this level of complacency? Was it habit, fear of change, withered dreams? Was it as simple as the fact that, until I heard that question … I never gave it any thought?


Yet, once I did consider the question … the wheels started turning. Over the next few years, I made decisions that completely transformed my life … both personally and professionally. I now strive for awareness and I choose not to settle. I choose to be a Champion!


After that decision I chose to become a member of Toastmaster and to challenge and push myself to become a better public speaker. Subsequently I became a champion of my not just my Club, but Area, and even the Georgia District.


CLICK HERE  and hear the speech that won me 1st Place at the Georgia District 44 Humorous Speech Contest 


District 44 Toastmasters Speech Contest


I share that story because I want you to take a look at where you are in your life.


Is your enthusiasm, your commitment to learning, and your activity level, all at a level that aligns with your potential, your goals, and your vision?


Are we letting your good enough get in the way of our great?

District 44 Humorous Speech Competition

Fascinating question and one worthy of consideration!


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