Three Actionable Principles for Quantum Leap Success

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  • By: Herschel E. Chalk III
  • December 2, 2019


Today I will like to share with you three specific and actionable principles for quantum leap success that you can apply in your life right now to assist you in your journey to the next level. As one of my mentors would say, we are talking about not just getting you to the TOP but taking you OVER IT.


I speak with countless individuals and they always talk about what they intend on doing when they have the money, when they have the know how, or when they have the time. But let me be the first to tell you if someone hasn’t already there is no better time than the present.  You already have everything within your arsenal to begin taking the necessary steps in a positive direction to achieve your greatest goals and desires.


The problem is that people see someone that has been successful and simply negate or don’t know the full story of everything it has taken to achieve that level of success. All the small progressive steps. No success is immediate nor is any failure instantaneous they are all the direct result of small simple steps that one has taken in either a positive or negative direction.


But people are looking for that Quantum Leap, they are looking to go from A-Z, they are looking for that winning lottery ticket to bring them the success that they so desire. That’s the effect of us living in a microwave society, we want things quick, fast, and in a hurry. We want things now. But when you are waiting on that Quantum Leap it also becomes extremely dangerous because it can keep you from taking the actions you need to take create the results you want.


I see people doing this financially, with their health, and probably the most with their relationships. Especially in this day and age. You don’t find people that have been married for extensive periods of time. In addition to a number of other factors it has to do


Quantum Leaps really do not refer to huge jumps but rather how energy after a period of time will suddenly appear at another level without having been able to determine how it got there. You may have heard of the water hyacinth that is able to mass produce at such an extraordinary level that biologists cant comprehend it.


If you read the Millionaire Next Door what so amazed the readers was the fact that the people profiled in the book were incredibly ordinary, everyday sorts of folks, with normal and even mediocre level jobs, who had created extraordinary wealth by a truly remarkable unexpected strategy. It consisted of little mundane, insignificant, ordinary, everyday things with their money.



What does that even mean you say? It means getting out of bed each morning, making the phone calls, taking the small necessary steps to ensure that you are successful in obtaining your goals and desires.



You have to be consistent. Not worry about the numbers. When you focus solely on the numbers you become shortsighted; however if you aim towards being consistent, the numbers will be there at the end. Just like showing up these are things that are easy to do but the problem is that they are also easy not to do. When you are being consistent you are mastering the mundane you are doing the same thing over and over and over again until the point that you become successful. It’s that constant repitition the muscle memory that is created as a result of that repitition. This is difficult for most people to do because you have been brought up in an environment whether its from your home or work where you are told what to do. And then when you have the freedom to do as you please people fall off the wagon because they lack the structure that comes along with the rules set forth in your parents household, the rules set forth in school, and the rules set forth at your job. Consistency will give you the structure that you need in order to become successful.


  1. Attitude

Not only do you need to show up consistently you need to do so with a good attitude. They have done a study on some of the longest living civilizations on the face of the planet, people who have lived well over 100 years and the number one characteristic that they all shared was a positive attitude on life. Not diet, not genetic makeup but attitude. So let me ask you a question. Does your attitude light up a room and bring more energy to a room to a situation or does it cause. How do you stay positive plug into our Midday Motivational Call each and ever day. Lockin with a Mastermind group of individuals

  1. Whenever your feeling down take an inventory of your blessings.


  1. Commitment Level
  2. Burning Desire

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