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  • By: Herschel E. Chalk III
  • August 24, 2018
iMarketsLive - Swipe Trades

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iMarketsLive – Swipetrades

iMarketsLive flagship product Swipe Trades has experienced a tremendous amount of growth over the past couple of years with the six master traders who work around the clock seven days a week to help people learn and earn.


With the future of the company aiming directly empower, educate and enrich 1 Million customers by the year 2020,  Christopher Terry and the iMarketsLive Corporate Staff is extremely excited to announce the official appointment of 15-year veteran Forex trader Steve Gregor, to head-up the Swipe Trades and Swipe Trades Plus apps and its team of master traders.




Steve Gregor - iMarketsLive


Steve is a long-term trader and innovator in the Forex industry. Currently, Steve is a master educator for IML TV on both the Forex and Crypto channels with the “Scans, Forks, Fibos, and Waveology” channels.  There he teaches advanced Harmonic Pattern trading, his innovative Charlie Delta pitchforks, and advanced Fibonacci techniques…all designed to squeeze more PIPS out of the IML Harmonic Scanner product.


Steve spends at least 50% of his coaching time on the inner-game. As he has stated, “Over the years, I’ve known incredible technicians on the charts, who just cannot trade for the lack of the head-game. Every new trader just want charts, charts, charts, yet that is only about 15% of the reality of being a successful trader. The head-game…ego, emotion, RAS…all must be mastered, or success will remain elusive.”


Steve Gregor - iMarketsLive


Early in his career, Steve brought the first financial technical analysis product to the personal computer world. His one flagship product won a PC Magazine Editor’s Choice Award in a PC Magazine shoot-out of 48 financial products. Steve was also a founding member and coach at the first ever Forex MM “FXTrainer” over a decade ago.


There he earned a 5-Star Rank for building the largest organization in the company. When the company was struggling to provide the teaching necessary, Steve stepped in and started coaching and even had competing leadership send their teams to Steve. He noticed that when you have a members that can trade it creates higher retention rates within the company. And as they say, the rest is history, and Steve has been trading, innovating, and coaching ever since.


“Once I saw Steve and the magic he creates on the charts, his teaching style, and no-fluff personality. In addition to the incredible respect he has from the iML leadership that knows him. I began to aggressively recruit him to become one of our IML TV educators. It took almost a year, but in 2017 he saw the VISION and ultimately has become one of the most experienced and decorated traders on the iML roster. He has a strong following for his “NEW PARADIGM” of trading…tight stops and large ROI-per-pip gained. It’s safe to say…I’m very happy I followed up with him so aggressively!”
Jason Brown – iML Chairman 500




Steve is excited about the future of the SwipeTrades and SwipeTrades Plus applications. In addition he seeks to bring about a culture which creates higher-levels of consistency and accountability within the SwipeTrades’ results. When asked about the effort, Steve responded, “Improving Swipes will be an exciting challenge. There’s a lot of internal competition within IML for eyeballs and time when it comes to our amazing line of products and services. Including Harmonic Scanner, Web Analyzer, Swipe Coin, and our team of iML TV Educators.


Our objective is to prove that putting faith in Swipe Trades will bring consistent and additional results to its subscribers. The value propositions must be there and the results so consistent that belief is overflowing and shared with every new member. We want people to feel completely comfortable. Our focus is for every leader and customer to tell EVERYONE in the world that they should include the Swipe Trades upgrade when joining iMarketsLive. This will be best illustrated based upon the results individuals achieve with their Swipe Trades subscriptions.”


In greeting the challenges, Steve also commented, “It’s important to note that this is not a revamping effort. I’ve explored the capabilities and results and talked with the Swipe Trades’ masters…these guys are just incredible. It’s a very high-caliber of talent already and they all have the right mix of technicals and head-game.  Our educators have made really good results over the past six months.  Unfortunately inconsistencies in results have created a lack-of-belief for some clients. Again, our goal is to change that and add to the way things are approached and reported. We will let those results speak and ensure Swipe Trades remains a very strong offering from iMarketsLive.”


Needless to say we are extremely excited about this move and we hope you are too!!! Look out for the release of Swipe Trades Plus very soon with the addition of six new master traders!!!


Cheers to the future!


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