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After spending hours upon hours in rush hour traffic in the major metropolitan areas I’ve both lived and worked (including New York, D.C., and L.A.). I began fascinating and dreaming of what it would be like to work from home and not have to worry about a commute. How much extra work I could get done or how much extra sleep I could possibly get. It was then that I began contemplating having a home office and how beneficial that it could be. Yet as easy as it sounds setting up an effective home office is no easy task.

You want to ensure that you are as productive and efficient as you were while working in your traditional office right?

So here are a few top tips that I have come up with to ensure that you are on the right track to success.


Top Tips For Home-Based Office Productivity

Starting and running a business from your home can quite possibly be not only a sticky, but a tricky situation. Here are few tips I’m able to offer to ensure that you are successful in your endeavors.


Designate the Office

When establishing an office within your home you have to be sure to create a work-space that is separate from the rest of the home. Fortunately I have a very large basement and I was able to establish a home office there with a series of my work out equipment. Thus, when I am really on a grinder and am having a mental roadblock I will get a mini work out in to get the creative juices flowing. Having the office separated from the house has allowed me to stay organized and focused while providing me with privacy when I am dealing with a series of financial or business issues.


Dress the Part

This may be the hardest thing for you to do. I recall working for a small pharmaceutical outfit as an inside sales representative. Everyone would complain as to why we were required to dress up although we were not leaving the office. For starters, for many of us your mind operates on a completely different level when you are dressed up. It’s like going to your local club and they have a dress code. For some reason or another there are less fights the nicer the crowd is dressed. That’s because dressing professionally influences your attitude. It’s all in the MIND. Within my home I traditionally dress as I would when I was going to my office on a Friday (business casual). That way if I am called and a client wants to meet I am already prepared.


Treat Your Work With Professionalism

I work with a lot of network marketers, affiliate marketers, and online marketing gurus and the biggest key advice that I provide to them is to establish regular office hours. You may work more than that time but during those hours you need to avoid wandering around the house and doing chores such as washing the dishes, vacuuming, or washing clothes.


Set Boundaries

Traditionally those boundaries will have to be set you’re your family. Before my children started attending school we had an Au Pair that would consistently come downstairs to my office and ask me questions or she would let the kids come downstairs and once they saw me would want to play. I had to stress to her that I was not on call for routine questions or assistance with non-emergency issues just because I was home. I was there to work and make money.


Feng Shui The Place

You want your home office to have a certain energy and aura about it. Considering that I am not the professional space designer type I would visit Ikea on a frequent basis and checkout a lot of magazines that showcased home offices and their functionality. If you have an office your proud of you’ll also be able to create a work product that you are proud of.

BONUS: FENG SHUI tips for setting up your office.


Hopefully the tips above have provided you with the necessary tools to ensure you have a productive home office.


Is it possibly time to quit your job, take the entrepreneurial plunge and set up your own home based office?


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