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Have you considered using your personal page as a platform to assist potential clients in seeing a representative sample of your work and a way to demonstrate your technical skills? Or is your personal website a forum for your explosive temper and controversial opinions regarding politics and spirituality? If the latter is the case grow up, be an adult and get rid of the nonsense immediately. One needs to decide if they want to be famous on the Internet or if they are going to leverage it as a method to get PAID. That’s right, I said get PAID. That why I use it and it should be why you use it as well. Find out more by clicking here. Nevertheless it’s amazing how many people mesh their personal/professional pages together with pseudo names, profanity, half naked pictures, etc. Consider this an absolute KISS OF DEATH. Case and point, I used to work for a marketing organization and the first thing that we would do upon getting new applicants is search for them on the Internet. Needless to say you would be amazed with the type of things we would find.

Kiss of Death - Herschel Chalk


Given the fact that the Internet serves as the “LAST FRONTIER” for FREE information, it serves as a portal where individuals can find a true version of you. Although you may look phenomenal on paper, speak, interview well and look dapper. When one does an online Internet search of you, what do they find? Is it a personal blog in which your spewing obscenities, vulgarities, and everything else under the sun? Sure, it’s your own personal page and we live in an age of free speech, yet are you taking into context how others are viewing it? Many people are of the opinion that as a person conducts himself or herself privately, is also a great indicator of how they may conduct themselves in public. (Regardless of whether it is fair or not for someone to make those hasty generalizations) It is only a matter of time before someone shows his or her true colors. As soon as they get comfortable their true selves are reflected and exposed. It may be enough of a red flag to cause someone to decide not to conduct business with you.

Last Frontier



Think about how you’re using the Internet in your personal life. “GOOGLE” yourself and see what comes up in the search. Click on the images section of the search and see what pictures are displayed. Are criminal pictures displayed from the one time you got arrested in a drunken stupor? Or are professional pictures and images reflected showing you in a much more favorable light? The beautiful thing about the Internet is that although it is the “Last Frontier” for FREE information you also have the power to control the information that is being displayed and reflected on the Internet. Through blogs and vanity URL’s, which makes the users, search for your information easier you can dictate what is revealed. In addition conduct a search on and confirm the accuracy of the information listed. If you belong to social sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook scrub your profile and any other information listed. This could be the deciding factor as to whether someone decides to conduct business with you or not. Don’t allow your personal profile to serve as your KISS OF DEATH. Interested in building your personal and professional profiles allow Niche Marketing Strategies be of service to assist you with developing your online brand and presence. A presence that will be sure to help you generate the business and the image you are seeking.


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