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  • By: Herschel E. Chalk III
  • December 2, 2019


We’ve all heard stories of sudden success: how someone who was already a key influencer in their community joins a Direct Selling company and through massive action with their existing network quickly zooms to the top of their pay plan and great acclaim.


Those stories are exciting. They’re a testament to the potential of our profession, and many find these overnight success stories inspiring.


Yet, for some emerging leaders, it’s confusing. You might wonder, “Why didn’t I do that? What am I doing wrong?”


The truth is, stories of overnight success are rare. By far, those who make consistent effort, improving their skills relentlessly and with urgency over time, are the ones you see walking across the stage to celebrate their success and that of their team.


So, since it’s more common, wouldn’t it be good to know what that story looks like?


As I continue to serve our profession, my passion and belief knows no bounds. My familiarity with the story has not dulled, but rather shines brighter each day. In fact, I’m more involved in the story, your story, than ever before.


Just as our lives unfold in a series of distinct chapters that ultimately reflect our life’s journey, your Direct Selling business unfolds in distinct chapters that will ultimately reflect your personal development journey.


Notice that I didn’t say that it would reflect your ‘business’ journey, but rather your personal development journey.


It’s often said that “it’s not the destination but who we become along the way.” I love that one!


Let’s take a look at three distinct chapters of building a Direct Selling business and review some sage advice to support you in writing your chapters. It’s time to identify where are you now and what’s your next step.



To succeed in your Launch chapter, keep your focus on PACE.


There are countless benefits for setting a quick pace, getting your business off to a fast start and taking immediate action.

  1. The faster you take action, the greater the odds of your success. Conversely, the longer you go without taking action, the greater the odds you will quit before you even start.
  2. Follow the system and go fast. Reinvent the wheel and go slow! It’s just one of those irrefutable truths. Ditch the ego and surrender to your company’s proven business system.
  3. It’s way more fun to go fast than slow. Having fun should be a priority!
  • Especially if you are working your business in part-time hours, make the commitments of time, coachability and training.
  • Getting off to a fast start creates your story of success; and this story will support your sponsoring and team building like nothing else can! Bada Boom!

If you’re writing your Launch chapter right now, I really want you to experience the difference a fast pace can make! Visit LeslieZann.com to claim your free Power of Pace training.



Once you’ve experienced some success, your commitment to your business will deepen and grow. To succeed in your Commitment chapter, keep your focus on



You’ll experience many benefits when you follow your company’s proven business system and teach your team to do the same. Here are my best-performing tips about how:

  • The best way to duplicate your system is to set a personal example for sponsoring and selling. Your team will do what you do. And that includes the good, the bad and the ugly.
  • Focus on training the fundamentals. Don’t fall prey to the ‘shiny object’ syndrome. Everyone’s skill set is developed from repetition of the fundamentals.
  • Work with the willing … and love the rest. Do not slow down your pace to the pace of anyone in your funnel or anyone on your team.
  • Freely and graciously offer recognition! For most people, every step on the journey is in some way stretching them, taking them out of their comfort zone, creating fear. Recognition is a way to honor their courage.
  • Don’t start managing your team at the expense of building. Building is an effective combination of personal sponsoring and working with those who deserve your time.

If you’re writing your Commitment chapter right now, I want to show you, step-by-step the easiest, fastest way to develop and master these critical duplication skills. Visit LeslieZann.com to learn more about my Outrageous Achievement training programs.



Once you have built a team that continues to thrive and expand, you need a way to extend your influence beyond your direct leaders to those in your downline organization. To succeed in your Achievement chapter, keep your focus on your AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP.


Now is your time to become the leader you know you can be: an authentic leader who will attract and retain great people and transform lives. Four of the top strategies are to:

  • Show up like a Leader
  • Duplicate your Leadership
  • Create your Team Culture
  • Live your Leadership Style

If you’re writing your Achievement chapter right now, ask yourself, what are you doing to attain the viewpoint, skill set and mindset to execute these strategies and move your business forward?


The truth is, meeting you through one of the Big Business Breakthrough activities, I don’t know as much about you as I’d like. But I do care about you, your story and your success.


If you are writing your Achievement chapter, you owe it to yourself to check out my latest training, Authentic Leadership for Outrageous Achievement.


I am excited about the caliber of leaders who have already come together in the course community. It includes leaders who have worked with me before, key leaders from their teams, leaders who have met me on Facebook and leaders who were referred to the course by upline or crossline friends.


They tell me that opportunities for advanced leadership training are in high demand at this level. They continually ask me for more leadership training. That’s why I want to make sure that everyone who might be qualified to join this exclusive group has the chance to do so.


Today the doors of the online course will open and our community of leaders will begin their orientation.


Because it’s an online course, you can start anytime … but for this inaugural period, I’ll be hosting a series of live calls where I will personalize the course for those who attend. You still have a week before the live calls begin.


If this is your time to make revisions or rewrite your Achievement chapter, please let me know at leslie@lesliezann.com today. Join us and learn the viewpoint, skill set and mindset to achieve the unlimited vision you hold for yourself and your team.


To making this year, your best year!

About the Author: Herschel E. Chalk III

Herschel is a "MASTER IN THE ART OF LIVING," he makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his information and his recreation, his love and his religion. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing, to him he's always doing both.

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