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One cannot truly begin to understand how important affirmations and visualizations are in our daily lives. For if they truly understood everyone would have one. Affirmations and visualizations are vital keys in assisting us with identifying what it is that we truly want. The problem is that most people don’t even know what they want. It is easy for us to determine what we DON’T WANT but many of us haven’t focused sufficient attention, effort, and sweat equity on those things, which we do. Most people put off their desires until the next day, but when you do that you begin to continuously put it off until the next, then the next, then the next. And nothing gets done. Nothing gets completed. 


Herschel Chalk loves to travel

You guys may have seen me on my numerous travels and have come to learn how much I love to travel. In the pictures above I was traveling throughout the country of Thailand. Now with that being said why don’t I provide you a travel related example and hopefully it will serve as a sufficient reason as to why you should visualize and practice your affirmation on a daily basis. When I go on a trip I start off looking at the weather and then making a list of everything that I need to pack to ensure that I don’t forget anything. I go to Walmart or Target and pick up the little nick knaks that I’m in need of and begin to pack everything to ensure that I am not missing anything. After that task is complete I begin to arrange my transportation. Up until this point everything has run smoothly and you haven’t encountered any snags.


Headed No Where Fast


You arrive to your departure airport, walk up to the ticket counter and the agent asks, “Where are you traveling?” You realize that you haven’t even decided where you want to travel. IMAGINE THAT!!! You have gotten caught up in the minituae instead of focusing on your actual destination.Ordering an airplane ticket NO WHERE will get you just that NO WHERE! If you have no idea where you want to go, how can you even buy an airplane ticket? The parallel metaphor for us is: If we don’t know where we want to go in our lives, how will we ever get there? Or better yet: how can we experience the joy that is awaiting us if we’re not for sure what way we are headed?


I can’t say that I have ever met someone that hasn’t wanted their personal or professional situation to improve. Yet, the problem lies that many of us don’t know where to begin, so unfortunately what happens is NOTHING. The more committed we become to affirming what it is that we want and the changes that we want to make in our lives, the quicker we will begin to see the changes we desire take place in our lives.


Many of us operate in self-doubt and are of the belief that our biggest wants and desires simply can’t and want come true. We have a tendency to believe that dreams come true for the “other guy, but not for us.” By committing to affirmations and visualizations, we begin to lay new pathways down in our minds and also begin to convince our subconscious mind that it is ok to have our deepest desires met. Once the DECISION is made that it is ok to have our biggest wants and desires met the pathways to our greatness become greater and greater. The more you affirm and continuously affirm you will begin to see all the ways that are possible to have what you want or make it happen.



Our thoughts create our feelings.  If “what you see is what you get” is true, it is important for us to remember to focus on our highest good. Because what we see will be what we get– and we can make it happen.

Thoughts and Feelings - Affirmaitions


Here is an affirmation and visualization that I have created for myself and my team as I am on a journey to retire people from Corporate America and live the life of their deepest and truest desires. In addition here are some actions that you can possibly take towards happiness. (ACTIONS FOR HAPPINESS)



I accept responsibility for my past and understand that I am responsible for my success.


I am where I am today – mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially based upon the decisions I have made. Each and everyday I will begin the process of changing by changing the way I think. God did not place in me the ability to always make right decisions. He did however place within me the ability to make a decision and then make it right.


The past can never be changed, but I can change the future by changing my actions today. From this moment forward, I will choose to associate with people whose lives and lifestyles I admire. I am an EAGLE. It is my destiny to fly. I will seek wisdom and be a servant to others.


I am a person of action who inspires others with my activity. I am a LEADER. I can make a DECISION and I can make it now!!! Fear has no place in my life. It is an impostor, which has no power or control over me. I am courageous and will seize this moment.


My course has been charted. My destiny is assured. I have a decided heart and am passionate about my vision for the future.


Today I choose to be happy. I will smile at every person I meet. My smile will forge bonds; break ice, and calm storms. I am the possessor of a grateful spirit.


I will greet each and every day with a forgiving spirit. I will forgive even those who do not ask for forgiveness. I will forgive those who criticize me unjustly. Most importantly I will forgive myself.


I will persist without exception and continue despite exhaustion. I focus on RESULTS. I am a person of great FAITH. For GOD knows the plans HE has for me plans to prosper and not harm me.


It is not necessary that I enjoy the process. It is only important that I continue the process with my eyes on the desired outcome.


There is a thin thread that weaves from me to hundreds of thousands of lives. My example, my actions, and this affirmative decision will change the world.



Daily Affirmation



Hopefully the information that was shared was useful and beneficial to you in establishing your visualization and affirmation for your future. Interested in more information on Affirmations? Review a previous post I have created which delves further into the subject: UNLEASH THE POWER OF AFFIRMATIONS 

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